Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on December 26, 2013.

Rank  Change  Title
499 Small_arrow_up366 Pat Divilly Fitness Podcast
332 Small_arrow_up320 Temas católicos: www.padremolleto.blogspot.mx P...
471 Small_arrow_up315 Igreja Batista Central de Belo Horizonte's Podcast
500 Small_arrow_up274 Evolution Of The Apocalypse
426 Small_arrow_up264 The Vanguardian Podcast
83 Small_arrow_up263 This is... The Ru-Mix
493 Small_arrow_up256 Tales From The Deep with DJ Chris Fx
381 Small_arrow_up255 KISSY KLUB podcast
100 Small_arrow_up241 DJ Seth Cooper's Electric Circuit Sessions
345 Small_arrow_up239 DJ BASSBOY
481 Small_arrow_up238 DJ Manny Lehman's Podcast Channel
226 Small_arrow_up231 Step into Your Power™ Podcast
470 Small_arrow_up223 DJ Colin Gaff
408 Small_arrow_up220 Dj Crazy Chris ®
439 Small_arrow_up217 Andy & Nichole's Podcast
150 Small_arrow_up215 Funky Blackman Soulful House Sessions!!!
450 Small_arrow_up207 Ace Alvarez -NYC Abduction Podcast
446 Small_arrow_up205 A REVOLTA do Vinyl Podcast
382 Small_arrow_up200 Radio America
486 Small_arrow_up195 House Knights Podcast
483 Small_arrow_up194 Grassroots Radio Colorado's Podcast
288 Small_arrow_up192 DJ Kervyn Mark - The Real
495 Small_arrow_up189 DISTRIKT
307 Small_arrow_up188 El Estudio Verde y Oro
490 Small_arrow_up182 Lesley LesDJ Sedupane's Podcast
274 Small_arrow_up181 Black Talons 357
423 Small_arrow_up177 THE TAKEOVER w/ DJ ESQUIRE
348 Small_arrow_up176 China in the World
442 Small_arrow_up173 gringodj's Podcast
467 Small_arrow_up172 TRICKCAST
260 Small_arrow_up167 CREATION MOMENTS MINUTE
220 Small_arrow_up163 Intoxica Radio w/Howie Pyro
329 Small_arrow_up163 On The Tropes
219 Small_arrow_up161 Glow Radio
334 Small_arrow_up160 Control Freaks | Electro | Progressive | Dubstep
434 Small_arrow_up158 Couch to 5K (C25K) 5K101.com
239 Small_arrow_up155 DJ Mr. King Mixshow Podcast
472 Small_arrow_up150 The Faeries and Angels Radio Network ™
326 Small_arrow_up148 Dj Chinn's Podcast
210 Small_arrow_up147 The Velvethead Lounge ::: deep and funky house
350 Small_arrow_up147 cosmopolyphonic radio
452 Small_arrow_up146 HVYHTTRS (DUBSTEP MIXES)
445 Small_arrow_up145 Dei Musicale : The Musical Gods Podcast
480 Small_arrow_up141 Will Reid's Club 80s
248 Small_arrow_up140 DJ DOUGmc Podcasts
451 Small_arrow_up140 Medium Laura Evans' Podcast
498 Small_arrow_up139 DJ Christyle Podcast
436 Small_arrow_up138 Soy sonidero Podcast
383 Small_arrow_up134 DLB-Network
389 Small_arrow_up132 Podcast de Felix Toran

55x55_3044275 PLAY DaleyGator Podcast Alfonzo Rache...
Podcast: Doug Hagin's Podcast
From: Doug Hagin
Duration: 20 min. 10 sec.
55x55_8429099 PLAY REset019
Podcast: Reality Engine
From: Reality Engine
Duration: 61 min. 33 sec.

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